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Project Name: 328国道焦港河大桥

English name: River Jiaogang Bridge of National highway 328

Types of section: Bridge Cases

Project Introduction:

River Jiaogang Bridge of National highway 328 is (30×16+80+30×8) square meters. Main bridge is a through concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge, with main span of 80 meters. The main arch is dumbbell type steel pipe arch, with arch rib of 1.8 meters high and 0.75 meters wide and upper and lower chord pipe of 750×14mm. The upper and lower chord is connected by a abdomenal box of 450×16 mm. The betweencenter distance of two pieces of arch ribs is 12.95m. The single bridge is equipped with 5 transverse wind bracing. The design load of this bridge is Highway - grade I(highest). The bridge decking width is: Main bridge 30.3m=2×[1.2m(arch rib)+0.5m(railing)+10.75m(roadway)+ 0.5m (guardrail)+1.2m(arch rib)+2.0m(divider). 

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