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Project Name: 328国道

English name: National Highway 328

Types of section: Highway

Project Introduction:

National Highway 328 starts from west Qutang county of old National Highway 328. Starting pile number of K3+327.197 and ends in K26+350. 
Design standard of this bid section: 
Designed driving speed 80Km/h;
Main subgrade width 26m including the middle belt of 3.5m(with the central separation bandwidth of 2.0 meters and 2 x 0.75m on both sides of the curb belt); Traffic lanes 2×2×3.75m; Hard Shoulder(including right marginal strip of 2×0.5m)2×3.00m; Earth shoulder width is 2 x 0.75m. Designed load is Highway level 1(highest). 

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